12 März, 2018

The alava company RPK strengthens its collaboration with Albaola

Continuing its ongoing joint project which started last year, RPK S. COOP is to renew annually its collaboration with the association and the San Juan shipbuilding project.

One year after the recent opening of the Factoría Marítima Vasca Albaola (Albaola Basque Maritime Factory) the Alava company RPK S. Coop decided to sponsor the
spritsail of the San Juan. Since then it has had a close relationship through projects and exclusive visits for its customers who have been able to gain first-hand knowledge of the building process of the whaling ship and the dynamic Basque business sector which already in the 16th century showed its great vitality.

Indeed, shipbuilding played an important role in the development of Basque industry in that there was a whole territory and a wide network of trades supporting this activity. The 16th Century whaling ship is a clear example of this and is a result of an industrial activity dating back centuries. For this reason RPK S. Coop has taken the decision to continue to sponsor this project hence maintaining the union between its industrial and cooperative character and the construction of the ship the San Juan.

Today RPK Group manufactures formed strip products and technical springs with high added value and is based on cooperative work. Started in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1974 with 19 workers, the group is currently established in America, Asia and Europe. With this new step taken in collaboration between the two organizations, RPK is committed to the project by renewing its support annually. In addition to the financial support it will continue to help towards the social outreach of the project among its network of contacts, customers and workers.

In this context, yesterday Xabier Agote, President of Albaola and Enara Novillo, Head of Marketing of Albaola, visited the cooperative’s facilities in Vitoria-Gasteiz and Agote presented Albaola and the San Juan project in an open event for all workers who, thanks to the agreement signed at the end of the talk, have tickets to visit the Pasajes Factory.

Albaola has thanked the Alava company for its support and encouragement and considers that supporting the legacy of the past helps to build the future. For the San Juan whaling ship project, corporate sponsorship is vital and the list of sponsors is gradually growing.

Thanks to this sponsorship, Albaola now has available solid new collaborators in the venture started with the construction of the replica of the ship, a project open to any company or private individual wishing to support the initiative.

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