3 April, 2017



On March 30, hundreds of thousands of Basque citizens participate in an initiative that passes a baton from hand to hand without interruption during 2 weeks, 24 hours of the day across the lands of the Basque Country; the same baton that has become a symbol of the Basque language itself.

The Korrika, or Running, is an exhibition race held bi-annually in the Basque Country in order to celebrate, support and spread the Basque language: Euskara. Said race is organized by AEK (Basque acronym for Coordinator of Literacy and Basque Promotion), which is an organization established in various localities of the Basque territory itself and whose aim is as simple as making the Basque language a daily communication tool. This initiative, as well as the organization AEK itself, was founded by the concerned people in the same territory. It currently takes place once every two years (being this year the 20th edition).

This year, the rpk workers have collaborated as a private company running a km close to headquarters in Vitoria Gasteiz.

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