Cookies Policy

Cookies policy


A cookie is a file downloaded to your device when you access certain sites. Cookies enable a website to, among other things, store and recover information on the user’s browsing habits and depending on the information contained and the way they are used by your device, may be used to recognize the user. The user’s browser memorizes cookies on the hard disk solely during the current session occupying minimum storage space and with no damage to the computer. The cookies do not contain any type of specific personal information and most of these cookies are deleted from the hard disk after the browser session has terminated (known as session cookies).

Most browsers accept cookies by default and independently of these enable or disable temporary or memorized cookies according to the security settings.


What type of cookies does this site use? 

– Technical cookies: These are cookies which enable the user to navigate the site, platform or application or use the different options or services existing on these such as traffic monitoring and data communication, session identification, accessing restricted access areas, remembering the items in an order, performing the order purchase process, carrying out registration, or participating in an event, using security elements during navigation, storing content for video or audio broadcasting or sharing content on social media sites.

– Customization Cookies: These are cookies which enable the user to access the services with certain general pre-set features in accordance with a series of criteria in the user terminal such as for example the language, type of browser used to access the service, regional settings from the area the service is accessed, etc.

– Analytics Cookies: These are cookies which are processed by ourselves or by third parties, these enable us to quantify the number of users and hence create statistics on metrics and analytics based on the use made by users of the service provided. For this reason, how you navigate this site is analysed in order to improve the service provided.

– Advertising cookies: These are cookies which are either processed by us or third parties and enable us to manage more effectively the offer of the advertising spaces on the site, adapting the advert content to the contents of the service requested or the use made of our site. For this, we may analyse your Internet browsing habits and show you adverts related to your browsing profile.

– Advertising behaviour Cookies: These cookies enable the effective as possible management of the advertising spaces which in their case the editor has included in a site, application or platform from which the requested service is provided. These cookies store information on user behaviour obtained from the constant monitoring of browsing habits which enables us to develop a specific user profile to show relevant advertising content.

– External social media site Cookies: These are used for visitors to be able to interact with the content of different social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and which are generated only for users of these social media sites. The terms and conditions of use of these cookies and the information gathered are regulated by the privacy policy of the respective social media site.

This online site) may use third-party services which gather information for statistical purposes, on Site usage by the User and to provide other services related to the activity of the Site and other Internet services.

The User expressly agrees to, in order to use this Site, the processing of the information gathered herein in the way and with the purposes mentioned above.

Similarly, they recognize that they are aware of the option to reject the processing of this data or information by rejecting the use of Cookies by selecting the correct settings for this on their browser. This Cookie blocking option may not allow full use of all Site functionalities.

You can enable, disable or delete the cookies installed in your device by changing the settings in the options menu of the browser installed on your device


If you do not want tracking cookies, Google has developed a plug-in for its browser available at the following link: