“MatxinGO” 2019

Rpk has collaborated with Don Bosco and a group of high-grade students in automation in their “MatxinGO” vehicle in the second edition of the EUSKELEC Competition held on 5th June. This Competition is for electric vehicles manufactured in Occupational Training Centres. The preparation of the mentioned vehicle has been the project on which their work [...]
RPK VITORIA, Social responsibility


The race for Basque language finished in Vitoria-Gasteiz on Sunday, 14th April. Once again, RPK, together with the women’s basketball team Araski, took part in one kilometre out of 2,562 ran by thousands of euskaldunes (Basques) for two weeks. What is KORRIKA? Korrika is a race for the Basque language. It is organized by AEK […]

Araski, RPK VITORIA, Social responsibility


RPK S. Coop. was audited by AENOR last July for the UNE EN ISO14001:2015 standard. The rpk plant in Vitoria has implemented a particulate matter continuous emissions monitoring system for its most important emission sources as part of its commitment to the environment and its stakeholders. For further information about rpk's commitment to safety and [...]

Mercedes-Benz, a new customer for Rpk

Mercedes-Benz has informed Rpk S Cooperativa that it has been awarded the contract to supply an assembly for the rear hatch opening system for the new S-Class, project  BR223. Mercedes-Benz has informed Rpk S Cooperativa that it has been awarded the contract to supply an assembly for the rear hatch opening system for the new […]


The alava company RPK s.coop strengthens its collaboration with Albaola

Continuing its ongoing joint project which started last year, RPK S. COOP is to renew annually its collaboration with the association and the San Juan shipbuilding project. One year after the recent opening of the Factoría Marítima Vasca Albaola (Albaola Basque Maritime Factory) the Alava company RPK S. Coop decided to sponsor the spritsail of […]

Albaola, RPK VITORIA, Social responsibility

RPK receives the award Business Innovation 2016

The award for Business Innovation goes to RPK, the Made in Euskadi award to Indar and the Euskal Makila award to Dürr Systems Spain The 26th edition of the Basque Business Evening, organized by the Basque Business and Society Foundation, sponsored by Kutxabank, and with collaboration from Inbisa and Dinof, paid homage to the business […]

RPK VITORIA, RPK worldwide

The General Deputy visits RPK

“Innovation is a safe bet for Álava companies and for RPK has led to successful expansion” The General Deputy visits the firm RPK Sociedad Cooperativa, with national and international facilities, which has decided to open its first factory in China next year and in the medium term offices in Detroit and Japan. Vitoria-Gasteiz, September 22 […]

RPK VITORIA, RPK worldwide


Constantly, “rpk technological Center” is receiving collaboration requests for the design of elements for gas vehicles.   Although in some countries like Argentina gasified heat engines are very common, they are not on European and North American roads, and rpk engineers are seeing an increase for collaboration requests. In some European countries like Italy or […]

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