12 September, 2016


Constantly, “rpk technological Center” is receiving collaboration requests for the design of elements for gas vehicles.


Although in some countries like Argentina gasified heat engines are very common, they are not on European and North American roads, and rpk engineers are seeing an increase for collaboration requests.

In some European countries like Italy or Germany, there is a growing amount of cars they are mobile thanks to using alternative fuels, also from fossil origin, but more economic and less contaminating, like gas. Nevertheless, in Spain these are unknown by the majority.

Therefore last September 9, a training session was held by the DON BOSCO training centre in the “rpk technological Center” facilities about GNV, vehicle natural gas, that because of its interesting advantages can have greater development in the future. During the course, IVECO RESA Guipuzkoa and EDP Naturgas Energia Distribucion collaborated in their offices in Vitoria and Vitoria Landa and the Don Bosco training centre.



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