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RPK was founded in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1974 by 19 entrepreneurs and was to be the starting point for what is now a dynamic group of companies. The organizational model was the cooperative model which brought benefits such as reinivestment of dividends and employee commitment.

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The new 5,500 m2 building in Vitoria-Gasteiz doubled production capacity. This new capacity was to allow us to begin exporting from 1990 on. When the new facilities opened, the aim was to reach a target of 50% overseas sales in 10 years time, a target we had reached by April 1999.

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The first production facility outside Europe. With a total investment of €9 Million, RPK Mexico became the platform to supply customers in the American continent. It is important to mention that RPK was the first European spring manufacturer to set up facilities in Mexico.

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RPK began activities in ASIA in 2010 by setting up a production facility in Pune, India. In addition, with the aim to reduce our dependence on the automobile market, the RPK Group began participating in companies outside our historical market segment. At present, 40% of our sales and staff are located outside the Vitoria-Gasteiz plant.

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The rpk group is making a qualitative leap with the opening of a Technology Centre in an aim to share innovation services and training with Group subsidiaries. Likewise, through joint ventures and takeovers rpk has positioned itself in other businesses outside its natural market which remains the Automotive sector.