RPK has been increasing its output, focusing mainly on quality and R&D. At the same time, we have also diversified production, breaking into new markets and opening new manufacturing facilities all over the world. And equality between men and women has always been essential, equality in professional relationships and employment rights, by fostering the construction of a community based on values. RPK has always aimed to leave behind a better society by focusing part of its efforts on social responsibility.


At the Governing Council of RPK, it is clear to us that business ethics are the foundation that must underpin our everyday activities. Our conversations, our relationships and our internal and external behaviour must be based on values and business ethics that distinguish us and direct us. In the current environment, which is defined by social complexity, and economic and cultural globalisation, we want the values of RPK to be spread by the people who work in the production or technical support plants around the world.

“MatxinGO” 2019

Rpk has collaborated with Don Bosco and a group of high-grade students in automation in their “MatxinGO” vehicle in the second edition of the EUSKELEC Competition held on 5th June. This Competition is for electric vehicles manufactured in Occupational Training Centres. The preparation of the mentioned vehicle has been the project on which their work [...]


The race for Basque language finished in Vitoria-Gasteiz on Sunday, 14th April. Once again, RPK, together with the women’s basketball team Araski, took part in one kilometre out of 2,562 ran by thousands of euskaldunes (Basques) for two weeks. What is KORRIKA? Korrika is a race for the Basque language. It is organized by AEK […]


In this way the cooperative firm from Vitoria reinforces its commitment to the Araski project In this way the cooperative firm from Vitoria reinforces its commitment to the Araski Project “RPK Araski”. As of today, this will be the name of the team that will compete in the Dia League in the 2018/19 season. The […]

The alava company RPK s.coop strengthens its collaboration with Albaola

Continuing its ongoing joint project which started last year, RPK S. COOP is to renew annually its collaboration with the association and the San Juan shipbuilding project. One year after the recent opening of the Factoría Marítima Vasca Albaola (Albaola Basque Maritime Factory) the Alava company RPK S. Coop decided to sponsor the spritsail of […]

Commencing collaboration with the Araski project

The Governing board agrees to give an FEP grant to the sports and social project ARASKI for the 2017/2018 season. More than just a women’s league If the 2015/2016 season was a milestone for ARASKI due to its promotion to the top Spanish league of women’s basketball, 2016/2017 will go down in the annals of […]

2017 Summer Activities

This summer of 2017 rpk headquarters have participated in two different activities with the same goal; that of integrating disabled persons. For the first of these activities, rpk was one of the sponsors of the International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament, which is an IMART 2017 event, held in Vitoria-Gasteiz between August 21 and 25. The […]

The RPK Group collaborates for the second time in the Panda Raid

In collaboration with the Don Bosco automation school, the RPK Group repeats the solidarity rally. A journey of nearly 3,000 kms through Morocco like a rally and stopping to give aid to the less privileged. The Panda Raid is organised under these conditions, in which the RPK Group participates for the second time with the […]


On March 30, hundreds of thousands of Basque citizens participate in an initiative that passes a baton from hand to hand without interruption during 2 weeks, 24 hours of the day across the lands of the Basque Country; the same baton that has become a symbol of the Basque language itself. The Korrika, or Running, […]


Cooperative RPK, headquartered in Vitoria-Gasteiz, joins other companies by sponsoring one of the main parts of the ship the San Juan, a unique project taking place in Pasaia RPK S.Coop., a corporate group which is a leading spring and wire form manufacturer, is sponsoring the spritsail of the ship the San Juan to help promote […]